How do I cancel my pre-authorisation

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You can cancel their pre-authorisation agreements by logging in to your online account, going to the Payment page and clicking on the cancellation link.
If you have pre-authorised payments using PayPal then please follow the following steps.

First, login to PayPal and then:


  1. Click on Profile
  2. Click on My Money
  3. Click on 'Update' My pre-approved payments
  4. Click on the merchant Pay Here Ltd
  5. Change the status from Active to Cancel
For members that have pre-authorised payments with GoCardless, clicking on the cancel link in their will cancel the agreement.
Please be aware that for Direct Debits, if a payment is still pending (you can see this in the paid section of the payments tab) then cancelling your pre-authorisation will mean that you may cancel a payment that is processing. 

After cancelling the agreement, in your online account, the option to setup pre-authorisation will become active again.

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