I need to pay but it says 'No payment due'

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There are a few reasons why you may see the 'No payment due' message, although you know that payment needs to be made.

1. You currently have a pre-authorisations set up to allow the organisation to take payments from your account automatically. In this case only cancelling the pre-authorisation (click here to see how) will allow you to see any outstanding payments.


2. The organisation has not yet sent a request for payment.

 In order to make payments there needs to be a request for payment. If this has not yet been done please contact the organisation directly who will be able to advise when payments will be able to be made, or rectify your account if a mistake has been made.


3. You need to add the membership or class to your basket.

Some organisations will ask you to select which type of membership, class or any additional registrations and add them to your basket. These can be found on you payment tab in your online account. 

If you are on a computer, then you will see these on the left hand side of the screen within the payments tab.

If you are using a mobile device, then you will find the selections under the 'Extras' selection that is listed on the payments tab in your account.

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