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Using the custom headings

This feature will allow you to select what you would like to see on your grid, much like our mail merge feature, you can choose any field that you have on your forms to appear on the grid under the Members > Master membership list, Classes, Groups, Events, Membership Categories, Optional Extras, Payment Categories.


When in the group, you will see an option for column selection:


This will present you with a list of options of all of the fields that can now be displayed on the grid, these are sortable and can be displayed in the order you choose and can be applied to all tables or just the table for the group that you are currently in. You can then use the sort feature by clicking on the column heading of the column you wish to sort.



This is especially useful for those using the system who want to see company names, ages of your members or whether they have given consent for photography for example.

 You may also want to see a whether you members are in specific groups, within the column settings you are able to select which groups you want to see.


You can select which groups you want to appear on your table rather than seeing all groups that member is associated to. This is handy for instances where you may want to check that everyone in a one group is also sitting in another group.


Seeing payment status

When you are viewing a group which carries a cost, for example, membership categories, classes etc. You can add the payment status field to the grid to see if members have paid, not paid or possibly in some cases, have not been sent a payment request for that category.

 The Payment Status is represented by colour dots - green for paid, orange for pending, red for outstanding and black for no payment request generated. If a first payment request has been scheduled but not yet taken the status will be displayed using a grey dot.

Table Navigation

You will be able to tell the table how many records you wish to view on each page or jump to a specific page:



Advanced Search Functionality

There is a new search functionality added to the grids and more information on that can be found here


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