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If you manage your membership by categories such as juniors or seniors, or your classes by age for example, you can now use the table search functionality to separate those who need to change category or class from within the system. This is currently available under Members > All  groups.  For more information on these click here.


To start a search, you simply click on the ‘New Search +’ button that is at the top of the table. This will then give you an option to select the field you wish to use in your search. All fields on your form will be selectable as well as some of the system fields that can be used in an export from the Export members information section such as PSO member reference number or Pre-approval status.


The search criteria depends on the type of fields searched upon. As follows (pictures in order):

  • Text fields: Contains, Does not Contain, Is equal to, Is not equal to, Is known, Is unknown
  • Numerical fields: Is equal to, Is not equal to, Is greater than, Is less than, Is known, Is not known
  • Date fields: Is equal to, Is before, Is after, Is between, Is known, Is unknown
  • Age field: Is equal to, Is not equal to, Is greater than, Is less than, Is known, Is unknown, As of date
  • Multiple choice: Is equal to, Is not equal to, Is known, Is not known – after selecting the criteria, you’ll be presented with the list of answers (as defined when you created the field)



There will also be the option to ask the search to include additional criteria using the ‘And/Or’ function and then press the + sign, when you are done, click search.


 So, for example, you may want to see all those who are youth members but filter out everyone under/over a certain age. To run a search for all the people over 10 as of the 1st January ‘AND’ under 18, the search will then filter down the members who fall between 10 and 18.

You can then select these members and use the copy/move functionality to only those brought back in the search or sort them by age by clicking on the Age column (or any column you wish to sort by).

To delete a search, simply press on the delete button at the end of the search column to remove it. If you remove all search criteria, then this will load the full list of members again.



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