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To create your registers you will first need to go to ‘Admin’ > ‘Attendance register’ and click on 'Create new register'


Step 1

Name of Register

As you can link more than one class to any one register, you may want to give the register a general name. When using the mobile app, the first selection you will be asked to make will be to select which register you wish to use. This will be the first selection on the app when bringing up a register (e.g. Autumn Register/Squad Register, etc).


Create Register for [select] Sessions

This is how many sessions you are going to be recording for under this register - you will be able to select a maximum of 52. Once you have selected the amount of sessions you want your register to have, the system will then display the same number of boxes for you to insert corresponding dates into. You can use the calendar to select a specific date or you can also use the box to write your own label (for example, Week 1, w/c 1st April).


This Register is for

This is where you select the classes, courses, or groups that you want to have this register for - simply select all options that are relevant and press OK.


Send Alert for Consecutively Missed Sessions

Here you have the option to receive an email alert if members miss consecutive sessions. First, you will need to select how many consecutive sessions they need to have missed before an alert is sent to an administrator(s). Then select ‘yes’ from the option and you will get a box to enter the email address where you would like to receive the alerts. If you do not want any alerts then you should select ‘no’. When you are done, click next.


Step 2


Select Fields to Appear on the Register

You will be able to select all fields that currently appear on your forms for each group attached to the register. You will also have some additional system fields which are at the bottom of the list on the left hand side of your screen. When you tick the fields that you want, they will appear on the right hand side. These can be dragged and dropped into the order you wish for them to appear on the register. Please make sure that the fields you wish to display on your register also appear on the form for all the groups that are linked to the register in question.


Payment Status

Once selected, you will then need to tell the system what you would like to check the payment status for. This is helpful if you have your account set up with teams or classes that use other categories to request payment from, or when using payment tables and payment categories. On the payment status on the right hand side, there will be an edit button. This will open a pop-up when clicked showing all groups and a tick box on the right and left hand side of each row. If the group attached to the register is what you would like to see the payment status for then you want to select the group on the left hand side. 


If you want to see other payments made, for example membership payments or a payment category but it is not linked to the register, then you will need to select that option on the right hand side.

When viewing the payment status, it will display the payment description and a colour code will indicate whether the payment request has been paid or not. On the app, there will be a wallet sign next to any member who currently has an outstanding payment for those selected.


Red = Not paid (Outstanding) - This will trigger a wallet sign next to the member on the app.

Green = Paid (so far to date)

Black = Has not had a payment request outstanding yet (this could mean that it has been scheduled but not gone out yet (upcoming payment), or that a payment has not been scheduled at all.


Attendance Record

Again, this will also have an edit button. Once pressed, you will be presented with the option to tell the system how far back you wish the history to be displayed. If you select 4 sessions then you will only be shown the record for the current session and the previous 3 (even though there may be history for the register previous to those 4 sessions).


Using the 'Display attendance history for past register(s)' you can also opt to see the history for any other register that has been created and is still currently on the system.


The attendance record will also use a colour coding system;


Red Cross= No attendance

Green Tick = Attended

Grey Cross= Was not in the class for that session (or have been added to the group later than the sessions record started) or is no longer in the class (displayable on the desktop site)



The system will allow you to correspond with the person taking the register from the desktop site. Any note added against a member’s record will trigger a notepad icon to display against that member on the attendance register app. Within the settings you can also tell the system to send an alert to a specific email address(es) when a note has been added to a record. This will keep a record of who made the note and when the note was made.


Hide on Screen

Last but not least, you will see tick boxes on the right hand side of the fields you have selected to appear on the register. Ticking the box tells the system you would like to hide the information on the main screen. The information can then be accessed by pressing the members’ name (or what you have displayed) and the screen will drop down to display the hidden fields.


Finally, ‘Save and finish’ to successfully create your register.


For more on using the register please see: How to use the register app

Please note: If you are logged into the register app prior to creating a new register, you may need to log out and back into the app in order for the changes to be visible.

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