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To set up a donation appeal you will want to go to ‘Fundraising’ > ‘Set up a donation collection’. Once on this page you will want to click ‘Add a new Donation Appeal’.


Step 1


Name of Fundraising Appeal – For example, 2018 Fundraising Appeal.

Description of Fundraising Appeal - Use this option to tell your members why they should sign up. The more detail you can give on where the funds will be spent, the more people are likely to sign up.

The description you enter will appear above the option for new members to select the Donation Appeal on the registration form and within the members’ online account at the point they click on the Donation Appeal.

Are you asking for a: -

One off Donation – This donation option is just a one-off and if they would like to donate again they would need to log back into their accounts and make a separate donation.

Regular Donation – If you want the donation to be collected more than once, for example once a month or annually, select this option.

Suggest a donation amount? – You can suggest a recommended amount for a donation if you wish. If you do suggest an amount, those wishing to donate will be shown the suggested amount initially but will also have the option to change the amount to what they would like to donate. Most people are likely to use the suggested amount unless they wish to donate a higher amount.

Step 2

Who do you want to give the option to donate to? – This is handy if you only want the donation to appear to certain members or on certain registration pages. For example, if you have an adult and junior section you may only want to show the donation to the adult members only.

Display the option to donate:

When registering through the online registration page, joining members will also have the option to select if they would like to donate.

This is useful if you want to allow non-members to donate without having to join as a member which some may be inclined to do.

Request payment at the point of registration? – If you have answered yes to at least one of the above options, you will be asked if payment should be taken from the donation right away.

If you chose not to take payment at point of registration, then you will need to send a payment request for the payment of the donation.  If the person making the donation is registering for a category that requires them to be vetted and the donation appeal takes payment on registration, they will be asked to make payment for the donation only.

In the members online account for the selection above? – Do you want your members to be able to choose to donate at any point? If so, you will want to tick yes for this option.

When people donate, move or copy them to a new group? - You can choose to select one of two options (or neither) when a member pays in for the Donation Appeal; ‘Copy member to group’ and ‘Move member to group’. These options are useful if you want to be able to group together all the paid members for quick reference. You need to have created the group before setting up the donation appeal so that it appears in the list of groups you can select.

Typically, you would not select the 'Move' option for a Donation Appeal that auto-renews as the member would be moved out of the group and future payment requests would be cancelled.

Step 3

Email Templates

‘Donation Appeals’ comes with its own set of email templates that are used when the system sends automated emails out.  

The email templates available depend on some of the settings entered during the setup of the Donation. For example, the renewal notification email template will only show if you have opted for a recurring payment.

All email templates are customisable and give you the option to select who they should come from, what the subject header should be, insert field data and add an attachment.

Here's a full list of templates:

Payment request email template

This email template is used when requesting payment from members added to the Donation Appeal by an administrator. Adding to the Donation Appeal could mean adding someone individually, importing members via a spreadsheet or approving people that have registered online.  Each of those processes will purge the system to ask if you want to generate a payment request and this email will be used to request payment.

Welcome email template for people registering online

As the description suggests, this email template is sent to people registering online but is only sent if a person signs up for the Donation Appeal as a standalone option.   

Overdue payment reminder email template

Within this template there is an option to switch this feature on and set after how many days of non-payment the reminder should be sent.

Renewal notification email

If your Donation Appeal is set to auto-renew, this email template is used to send the renewal notifications to members. This includes the option to switch on / off the notifications.


Once you've input the settings for the Donation Appeal, you can 'Save' or 'Save and build form for this Donation Appeal’. The latter will link you through to the form builder page.

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