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For a visual overview of your financials you can use the Dashboard tab - the chart will allow you to see what has been paid against what has been requested.  You can change the date range so that the charts will reflect a particular time period.

The charts will show you a bar chart of each month in your accounting period and will give you at least 2 bars per month, 3 if you take payments using GoCardless. You will have:

Blue bar – This will be the total amount of payments requested, so every time you schedule a payment request, or a request is auto generated from an auto renewing category the outstanding request will be included in the total amount shown here.

Green bar – This is how much has been paid by your members. It will show against the blue bar so you can compare how much was requested versus how much was paid.

Orange bar – This reflects any payments currently pending but the process has not been completed and updated to ‘paid’ yet.  This applies for GoCardless payments only.

Hovering over each bar will show you the amount in currency.

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