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There may be instances where you may not want to use our app on your mobile or tablet. Instead, you may want to print off the registers and then record manually on to the system. You will still need to have given permission to coaches to access data via the desktop/app to view this. You can do that by going to their record on the system and clicking on ‘Add / edit / View Access Rights’. Down the left-hand side you’ll see the option ‘Record Attendance’, and on the right, the classes you want to give them access to.

To view the register for each class, you will need to go directly to the class under ‘Members > Classes’ and click into the class you want to record attendance for. Once you are looking at the members within the class you will want to use the top bar arrow to scroll across to the right until you see the attendance register icon.

Once you have picked a session, the screen will then load with a view of each member and a box down the left-hand side to tick that they have attended along with any extra fields that in your register settings you have chosen to display. If you have hidden any fields, you can view these by clicking onto the members name - this will then open a box displaying all information for this member depending on what has been selected to be displayed in the register settings.

To record attendance, tick each person who was in attendance and then click/tap the ‘Record Attendance’ button at the top of the screen. This will then save the information in the system.

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