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When in a member’s record, you will see at the top of their form a field called ‘Member status’ with a drop-down menu which gives you the option of ‘member’ or ‘non-member’. If someone’s record is down as a non-member, they will not be included on your master membership list count. If they appear in any groups, their name will appear in red to indicate their membership status. At any point, an administrator can switch a member’s status from member to non-member and vice versa.

There are a few times in which someone may be listed as a non-member - for example:

  • You may want to list someone who is no longer a returning member as a non-member
  • Anyone registering as a non-member onto an event through your non-member third-party event registration link
  • People on waiting lists

If anyone is listed as being a non-member, then their account will become deactivated and they will no longer be able to log into their online account. There is one exception to this - when a non-member registers via the event third party registration link they will be able to complete an application without being told to sign into an account.

When viewing your non-members (Members > System groups > Non-members) you will have the option to delete their record. Please note, the record will be deleted permanently and will also delete any payment history related to that member/record.

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