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When sending emails via the system, you will also have access to our email reports. We have email reports on an individual (accessible from the members record 'member > sent emails) and group email level (accessible from the Email > Sent emails screen) which allow you to view the following:

Sent (group emails): How many members/records were sent the group email. The date and time it was sent are displayed on the initial report screen.

Sent Date (individual email history): Date the message was sent. Hovering over this will show you the time and the administrator who sent the email. If this was an email that was sent via a payment request, then the name of the administrator assigned to the request will display.

Delivered: Was the email received by the recipient? For group emails, you will see the number of total delivered emails.

Opened: Whether the email has been opened or not.

Clicked: If you had a link within your email, this indicates whether the link has been clicked or not.

Bounced: Occurs when a sent message is rejected by the receiving mail server. The most common causes for bounced email messages include a misspelt email address, a non-existent email address, or a full recipient inbox.

Blocked: This happens when your message was rejected for a reason related to the message, not the recipient address.

Invalid: Occurs when you attempt to send email to an address that is formatted in a manner that does not meet internet email format standards or the email does not exist at the recipient’s mail server. Examples include addresses without the “@” sign or addresses that include certain special characters and/or spaces. 

SPAM: Happens when a recipient indicates that they think your email is SPAM and then their email provider tells us.

If any of the above say ‘yes’, then you will be able to hover over the yes to see date and time. For example, if I can see that an email was opened from the ‘yes’ indicated in the column, I can hover over this to show when this was reported was opened.

Removing from Blocked List

If an email has been listed as blocked, you are able to remove the address from the blocked list. A tick box to the right-hand side of the blocked email will appear - when this has been ticked, it activates the remove button which will remove the email address from the blocked list.


Resending Emails

In an Individual’s Email History:

You will need to click on the title of the email listed in the ‘Subject’ column. This will show you what the content of the email was and will give you the option to resend or print.

In Group Email Send Reports

When viewing an email report, you can click on each of the report numbers to break them down to a member level. You can then click on the member's name to view the email and see the resend or print options.

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