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This article looks at the process members go through when paying by Direct Debit.

Once your organisation has setup their Direct Debit Merchant Account, the option to pay by Direct Debit appears on the check-out page of your organisation’s online registration form and on the check-out page within the members’ online account.


Members Check-out 

In the example below, the member has the option to make a one-off payment of £30.00 by Card or by Direct Debit. If the member has made a one-off payment previously, then they will be shown the option to use the details they have previously used or to enter new details:


GoCardless use the wording ‘Setup a direct debit’, though direct debits can be used to make single payments, many people relate ‘Direct Debit’ to recurring payments. So, to be sure that members understand that this terminology also means a one-off payment, members will be prompted to confirm the following message before progressing to enter their account details.



After selecting the Direct Debit payment option and clicking on the PAY HERE button, the member will be prompted to complete the Direct Debit form:



If members were paying by direct debit, for monthly fees for example, they will have been asked to set up a pre-authorisation. So, on clicking on ‘Set up a direct debit’, they are returned to their PaySubsOnline.com account where they can, at any time, cancel the pre-approval agreement by clicking on the option provided.

Members can view the status of their transaction either within their online account by clicking on the payment tab and then choosing the ‘Paid’ option will show them the history of their payments:


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