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Unsure how something was actioned, or which administrator has made a change to a member’s record? You can use the Activity Logs to help get to the bottom of it.


Admin > Activity Logs


There are currently nine logs that can be found under ‘Admin > Activity logs’ - these will allow you to understand whether or not something was actioned by the system (such as auto renewal payment requests); if a member actioned something from their online account or which administrator it was.


Each log can be searched by Name (either first name and/or last name of a member) as well as by Date to view the logs for a particular time period.


More advanced searches and filters are possible by clicking on the three vertical dots that are in each of column headers.



These are the Logs –


Pre-Authorisation Cancelled –


Under this log, you will be given a search function that will allow you to search by a member’s name or to look at a date/date range. This is handy if you cannot recall the alert that was sent via email at the time of cancellation. Once you have typed in a member’s name (you do not need to enter full name) or date range then the system will bring back any results that fall into the criteria. The report will tell you:


Cancelled By: This could be one of three options;


Administrator – will display the administrator account name.


Member – will display the members name if they have cancelled from within their online account on the payment page.


System – If the pre-authorisation was cancelled outside the system, for example directly from their bank account or within their PayPal account, then the system can pick this up and update accordingly.


Member Name: Which member had their pre-authorisation cancelled


Cancelled On: Date the pre-authorisation was cancelled


Area Cancelled From: Where on the system was the pre-authorisation cancelled (i.e. which page). This can either be from the member’s online account, the member’s record by an administrator, the master membership list (which does not cancel individually but will cancel all pre-authorisations for all members) or the payment reports.


Payment Method: This will either be PayPal or GoCardless.


Pre-authorisation Number: This will be the mandate number in reference from when the pre-authorisation was set up.


Move Member to New Destination / Copy Member to New Destination

This log is also searchable by name or date and will tell you the name of the member that was moved/copied to a different group, which administrator moved/copied them, when they were moved/copied, where the move/copy was actioned (members record, or the group for example), what group they were moved/copied from and what group they were moved/copied to. It also lets you see their payment request status in the last column


Removed from Group


This log will let you know which administrator removed the member from a group (since members cannot remove themselves from a group), when they were removed (date and time), where they were removed from (members record or directly from the group) and which group they were removed from.


Deleted Members


There may be an instance where you are unable to find a member who was previously on the system or a member who has said they have completed a registration but are not appearing in any registration group (online registrations awaiting approval or failed registrations). The deleted members log will list any member that has been permanently deleted from the system. The log will also tell you when the member was deleted (time and date) and where they were deleted from and who deleted them.


Members can only be deleted from a few places; the master membership list, non-members list, from the final registration page by the member (if they do not complete their registration), online registrations awaiting approval or as a failed registration, either from the failed registration group, or depending on your settings automatically by the system.


Please note: members who have been deleted are deleted permanently and cannot be retrieved.  Deleting any member who has made payments will also delete all payment history (including information in the payment reports) associated to them.


Payment Request


This log does not show any records until you search - the other logs have the history visible without doing a search, and then filters the logs based on your search. This log will tell you what payment requests have been generated for each member. You will be able to see the date and time, payment description (which is usually the category name), the amount requested and where it was requested from. This includes payment requests that have been scheduled as part of an auto-renewing category or instalment request that will have been auto-generated by the system. Having this function can be useful if you have multiple administrators who have the facility to schedule payment requests. If the category allows for payments to be made in installments, two payment requests will be generated – one for the full amount and one for the instalment price. Both will be listed in the logs.


Payment Request Deleted


Much like the payment request log, the payment request deleted log will allow you to identify where they were deleted on the system (from the member’s record, the payment reports, recording an offline payment screen or on issuing a refund) when it was deleted, and which administrator deleted the request.


Payment Request Scheduling Option Selected


Not sure if you pressed that you did not want to schedule a payment for a member? This log will allow you to see what option was selected, either schedule now, later or not to schedule at all. You will then be able to see which administrator made the selection what the selection was for (which category) and when.


Members record > Activity Logs

If you want to see any activity for an individual you can do this from within the record. You will have seven logs to view and they can be found under the icon on the toolbar in the members record.


Pre-Authorisation Cancelled 

Payment Request

Payment Request Scheduling Option Selected

Payment Request Deleted

Removed from Group

Move Member to New Destination

Copy Member to New Destination


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