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This guide steps you through the process of importing members with a spreadsheet in to a Membership Category.  The process is the same for  a Course / Class / Optional Extra / Group.
  • You have already setup your Membership Category.

  • You have created your online forms.
You can import members from a spreadsheet in to a Membership Category by clicking on the Category name under the Members menu option and by following these 5 steps:
Step 1 - From the tool bar select ‘Add new member(s)’.
Step 2 - Select the option ‘Import members from a spreadsheet’.
Step 3 - Download the template.
Step 4 - Copy and paste your membership information under the relevant column headings and save.
Step 5) Locate the spreadsheet on your computer and upload.
Importing members in to multiple groups
You can import members in to multiple groups at the same time.  In the import template spreadsheet you will see a column for Group name.  Include the group name(s) in that column and the system will import that member in to the appropriate groups - just separate the group name with a comma.

Importing members in to a Membership Category that does not auto-renew
After importing your members, the system will ask you whether you want to schedule your payment request now, later or not at all.  Select the appropriate answer.  Click here for details on scheduling payment requests.

Importing members in to a Membership Category that auto-renews
If you have set your Membership Category up to auto-renew, when you download the import template for that group, a Renewal date column will appear.  Paste your renewal dates in to that column.  After upload, you will be able to view all upcoming payments by going to Reports > Upcoming payments.  If any of the renewal dates were blank, you will be asked to schedule a renewal date.

Importing members in to a Membership Category that is defined as a 'Joint membership group'
At present, there is no process to indicate which members are linked in the import spreadsheet.   As members need to be linked before being added to a joint membership group, you will need to create a 'holding group' (set this up as a Standard Group) to import those members in to before linking them together and moving them in to the joint membership group.
Couple of things to watch out for:
Dates – When importing dates, you will need to highlight the dates in your spreadsheet and change the format to Long Date Format and set the location as England:

Questions/fields exceeding 60 characters – A limitation with Excel results in any custom question/fields with 60 characters or more being excluded from the import template (the column will just not appear) when you download it.  In this case, edit the question before downloading the import template to something less than 60 characters, upload the spreadsheet with your data and then re-instate back to the full question after the import.  You can also use an abbreviation when creating the field, this will then be displayed on the excel file for exporting and importing. The full field description will show in the members account but the abbreviation will show in the register.
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