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Once you have enabled the instalments option, new members joining can opt to pay by instalments when registering online.

The option to pay by instalments appears underneath the selection dropdown on the registration page:

If, in the group settings, you have opted not to take payment at the point of registration, and the member has selected YES to paying by instalments, the member is required to complete the pre-authorisation agreement on submitting their registration so that when their membership is approved, payment for the first instalment will be collected automatically:  

When setting up pre-authorisation, members can opt to pay by PayPal or GoCardless, depending on which payment methods you have setup for your organisation.

For further information on pre-authorisation, click here.

After the member has selected to pay by instalments, the amount due for the first instalment will be shown on the check-out page: 

If the member opted not to pay by instalments, then the full amount will be shown. 

Note, subsequent instalment payments will be taken on the anniversary of the first instalment request, the frequency of which is defined in the group settings (Collection frequency).  For example, if a member registers and opts to pay by instalments on the 1st January and the instalment frequency is set to monthly, the next instalment will be collected on the 1st February.

Reducing the number of instalments members can pay by
To reduce the number of instalments members can pay by, just edit the number of payments the member can spread payment over in the group settings. This will not affect the members that have already opted to pay by instalments, only for new members joining.  

You would typically do this if you want to conclude all payments from members paying by instalments at the same time.  For example, if you gave the option for new members joining to pay by 6 monthly instalments from 1st January, you would expect payments to conclude in June.  For new members joining in March, you may want to reduce down the number of instalments to 3 so they will have paid in full in June to coincide with the members that joined in January. 

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