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This article sets out the process of requesting payment from members already on the database and new members registering online.

Members already on the database
When you use the Payment Request option in the tool bar or add, import, copy or move a member to a Membership Category, Course, Class, Optional Extra, Fundraising Appeal or Supporters Club, the system will give the following options:

  • Schedule payment request(s) now - Select this option to generate the payment request(s) now or schedule the request to be sent at a later date.

    This links through to the page Financials > Payment requests waiting to be scheduled, details of which are described here.

    If you have scheduled the payment request to go out in the future (ie. not the current date), then the request will appear in the Upcoming Payment Report where you can edit the details further if required.

    If you want to send the payment request now, click on Save and Finish and details of the payment request will appear in Financials > Payment reports within a two minutes of completing the process.

  • Schedule payment request(s) later - Select this option to schedule the payment request another time.  When you are ready, you can access the payment requests in Financials > Payment requests waiting to be scheduled.

  • Do not generate a payment request - select this option if you do want to generate a payment request.

New members registering online

  • Accept payment at the point of registration- when setting up your Membership Category, Course, Class, Optional Extra, Fundraising Appeal or Supporters Club, there was an option to set whether you wanted to take payment at the point of registration.  If you selected 'Yes', you need take no further action.  New members will pay when they register and their payment will appear in the Payment Report.  

    One point to note, if a member has paid by Direct Debit at the point of registration, the amount they paid will not appear in the Forecasted income figure until you have received cleared funds (for the first payment, this typically takes 7 working days).  Additionally, if they have opted to pay by instalments by Direct Debit, their second instalment will not appear in the Upcoming Payment Report until their first payment has cleared.

  • Not requesting payment at the point of registration- as members register, they will be held in the group 'Online registrations awaiting approval'.  As you approve people from this group, the system will give you the three options on requesting payment, as described above (ie. request now, later or not at all), from which, the work flow is the same as adding a member to a group.
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