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The system allows you to build membership cards that can be accessed and printed by the members from within their account.  You can select what fields to include on the card and the system will publish the latest data from the members record on to the card.

The Membership Card Builder can be found under Admin > Membership card.
Simply drag the fields from the left-hand-side column on to the template.  On the back of the card you can select to display the field headings (gives clarity for important information like emergency contact name, tel number etc).  On both sides of the card you can opt to have the organisation name appear by ticking the ‘Display organisation name’ option.
The system dynamically sizes text on the card depending on the number of characters so fields with longer values will fit in to the space given.
You can upload a background image to the front and back of the card.
To publish the membership cards in the members account, you need to select the option 'Display membership card in members account'.  This will enable a link in the members account.  To access the card, members click on this link.  There, they will see a preview of their card with all field information displayed and they have the option to upload a profile picture and print:

The card dimensions are 7cm wide x 4.2cm tall (designed to fit within a credit card size self-laminating pouch) .  The profile dimensions are 2.5cm wide x 3cm tall.  The system will stretch the mug shot image to fit the space if the image uploaded is not the exact proportion.
You can opt to include a group name on the card.  Drag the Group name field over to the card then click on EDIT.  Select the group name to be published.  If you want to include the membership expiry date on the card, you'll see an option to do that next to the group name.
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