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Helpdesk - allows your organisation to build online forms so new members can register online.  This guide explains the process.

How members access the online registration page
In the Admin > Settings page is a link to the online registration form.  You can choose to create a simple hyperlink on your organisations website that loads this page or you can embed it in to your website with an iframe (a 10 minute job for a webmaster).  A good example of an embedded registration form can be seen here.

Members can select what to register for from the dropdown list.  After selection:

  • the form for the option they have selected appears for them to complete.  At the bottom of the form, they have the option to Submit and add an additional member or Submit and proceed to next step.  If the user selected a joint membership group from the dropdown list, the options would be 'Submit and add additional person to joint membership

  • After clicking Submit and proceed to next step, forms related to any Optional Extras or Groups the user selected on the registration form will appear for completion.  Otherwise, the check-out page will load.

  • The check-out page summarises all selections made during the registration process, related costs and what is payable now.  Users can edit their completed forms or remove an item from the check-out page.

  • If payment is due and / or pre-authorisation of future payments is required, the user will be prompted to select a payment method (if more than one method is available, ie. Pay by Card or Direct Debit).

After the registration process is complete, the user will be navigated to the URL specified in the Admin > Settings page - URL for member to be navigated to after registering and paying via embedded registration page.  If no URL is specified, the user will be navigated to

For users that paid at the point of registration, they will appear on the master membership list and in the the Membership Category / Course / Class / Optional Extra / Groups they registered for.  For users that were not required to pay at the point of registration, they will appear in the group 'Online registrations awaiting approval'.  Click here for information on approving members.

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