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'Payment requests waiting to be scheduled' is a report is accessible under the main menu option 'Financials'.
If you have added, approved, copied or moved a member to a Membership Category, Class, Course, Optional Extra, Supporters Club, Fundraising Appeal etc, then at the point of doing so, the system will ask you  whether you would like to schedule a payment request now, later or not at all.  If you select 'Now', you will be navigated to this report so you can schedule when you want the request to go out.  

If you selected 'Later', then the payment requests will be sitting in this report waiting for you to action.
Options in the report include: 
  • Turn-off email - use this option to generate a payment request for a member but not send them an email requesting payment. Useful if a member has paid 'offline' and you just need to raise a payment request to record payment against. You will notice that this has been applied as the payment description will now be black. Turning off the email should be the first thing you do as it causes the page to refresh, this means any date or price changes that haven't yet been saved will revert back.

  • Set payment request date - you can do this individually by clicking in to the date field or in bulk using the option.

  • Remove - use this option if you don't want to generate a payment request for a member(s).

  • Edit  email template - by clicking on the payment description link you can view the email that will be sent to the member.  If you want to edit this email, you can on an individual basis by clicking on Edit in the Email column in the table or in bulk using the Edit email template option.

  • Print - useful when used in conjunction with the View option that allows you to filter on members with an auto-generated email ID (dummy email address), essentially allowing you to print and post payment requests instead of emailing.

  • Set amount - use this option to change the amount due and apply to multiple members. 
You can also view who has pre-authorised payments and which payments are on ‘auto-renew’ (you can turn the auto-renew function off if you don’t want the system to continue to automatically generate a payment request for future requests.  You can only do this for groups that have the auto-renew option turned on in the first instance).

You can sort the data in the columns by clicking on the column headings.

To save your changes, click on the Finish button at the bottom of the page.  Doing so will generate any payment requests scheduled for the current day and move any requests scheduled for the future in to the Upcoming Payment report.
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    Robin Herrick

    Would be good to have a description of what PA and auto renew are

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    When you hover over 'PA' on the table there is an explanation that PA is whether a member has set up pre-authorised payments or not.

    Currently, there is no similar pop-up explanation for 'auto renew'. This column indicates whether this payment request is a recurring payment that auto renews or a one off payment.

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