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For the refund to show correctly in your Financial reports and to complete correctly, you will need to make sure that you initiate the refund from within your PaySubsOnline account. 
This is particularly important when refunding a PayPal payment to ensure that the refund credits the member's account and that no additional fees apply to the refund.
Step 1:
Before making a refund for a payment made using PayPal, you first need to permission to make refunds from your organisation's PayPal account.  The instructions on how to do this are attached to this help article
Permissioning refunds for GoCardless payments are already in-built when linking your PaySubsOnline account to your GoCardless account.
Step 2:
To refund payments, select Financials from the main menu and then 'Issue refund'.

To issue the refund, search for the member to issue the refund to using their First name or Last name.  Then identify the transaction to refund from the information provided and click on Refund.
It is not possible to issue a partial refund on any payment that has been made online.  You will only be able to refund the full transaction.
Issuing a partial refund is only possible for payments that have been marked as having been made 'offline'.  

Important notice - when refunding an online payment, the system will refund all payments relating to the transaction.  So for example, if Mum, Dad, Jonny and Janey paid for their separate memberships in one transaction, refunding Dad's payment will purge refunds for Mum and the kids too. 
Please also note that PayPal does not support refunds older than 60 days.

Step 3:
After you've refunded a payment the system will ask if you want to delete the request.  Select the appropriate answer.

If you do not delete the payment request and the member has set up a pre-authorisation agreement, the system will not try and collect that payment again.  The member will also not see this amount outstanding in their account. 
In this instance for the system to collect the outstanding amount automatically, the payment request will need to be deleted and issued again.
Alternatively, for the member to see the amount outstanding in their account, their pre-authorisation will need to be cancelled.
Refunding online payments taken via PayPal will return the full amount paid back to the payee and all transaction fees will be refunded too. 
Payments made by GoCardless will refund the gross amount to the payee, however, it will not refund the transaction fees to the organisation.
Refunds via PayPal process within 3-5 working days.
Refunds via GoCardless, if processed before 11 am will reach the recipient the same day. If after 11 am, they will reach the recipient the following working day.


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