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The Mass update tool allows you to amend information on your membership database, in bulk, from a spreadsheet.  

To access the option to do a Mass Update, go to Members and click through to the Master Membership List. The option appears on the tool bar.

To enable you to map your update file to the members in the database, we give three mapping options: 

  1. First name and email address – use this option for updating any information other than first name and email address.

  2. Membership number – use this option if your organisation uses a membership number as a unique reference.  Also use this option if making changing to the first name or email address fields. 

  3. Pay Subs Online (PSO) member reference number – use this generally or in particular if you don’t have membership numbers and want to amend the first name or email address fields.  The PSO reference number is an exportable field from the system export pages.
One of these three options should appear in the first column (or first two columns when using first name and email address) of your update spreadsheet, followed by the field(s) and data you want to update.  For example:


The import file should be a standard Excel file and the work sheet should be called Sheet1.

Field names (column headers) can not exceed 60 characters so you may need to truncate the field names in to less than 60 characters for the purpose of the update, then change back to the full field name once the update has been done.  You can also use an abbreviation when creating the field, this will then be displayed on the excel file for exporting and importing. The full field description will show in the members account but the abbreviation will show in the register.

Do not include any fields in the import file other than those you wish to update.

Date fields should be on long date format with the location set to UK English:

If you would like to add members to a new group(s) with the mass update tool, you can by adding a column 'Group name' and entering in the group names against the related members.  If adding members to multiple groups, separate the group name with a comma.
Once your file is ready, locate it using 'Choose file' and Upload.

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