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If the instalment option in your Subscription or Optional Extra group has been enabled, when you request payment from existing members, the option to pay by instalments will appear on the Payment page in their PaySubsOnline.com account:

Members opting to pay by instalments will be required to pre-authorise future payments so each time money becomes due, the system will be able to collect it automatically.  Click here for more information on pre-authorising payments.

Instalment schedule 
The instalment schedule starts from the day you first request payment.  For example, if you set up the option for monthly instalments, the first instalment is due on the day you requested payment - let's say the 1st Janaury.  Subsequent instalments are due on the monthly anniversary of when you generated the payment request date.  This means that if a member logs in to pay in the middle of March and opts to pay by instalments, the January, February and March instalments will be due.  So in-effect, the member will be playing catch-up.

Important - Future payment requests and pre-authorisation
When a member pre-authorises payment, each time you request payment thereafter, the system will automatically collect the payment due.  For example, one year has passed and you request payment for the new years membership fee.  If the option to pay by instalments has been enabled for the renewal, any member that opted to pay by instalments last year and who's pre-authorisation agreement is still active, the system will automatically collect the first instalment and not the full amount.

If a member is paying by instalments and is moved to another category, then system will take the new payments via instalments if.

  1. Settings of the new category allows the member to pay by instalments
  2. PA is still active for the member

We recommend that before the start of the new membership period, you cancel all pre-authorisation agreements for members.  You can do this via Members > Master Membership List > Cancel Pre-Authorisation.

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