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A failed registration is when a user registers online but doesn't complete the process.  For example, they may have completed the registration form, submitted their information but failed to complete the check-out process (perhaps the user doesn't want to pay right now, the phone rang, kettle boiled, kids screaming - it happens!).

A registration has deemed failed 30 minutes after the user submitted their information but didn't complete the registration process.  Because they have partially submitted their information, a record on the database has been created which means if they try to register again using the same first name / email address combination (how we recognise someone as being unique), they will receive a message that their record already exists.  

There are two ways you can manage failed registrations:

1) Have the system automatically delete them so the user can try to register again after 30 minutes.

2) Have the system copy them in to the system group 'Failed Registrations'. From there, administrators can remove members so the user can register again or, in the case where members have completed the registration form (but did not go through the check-out process), approve them.

For more information on approving members, click here.


To choose the right option for managing Failed Registrations for your organisation, login to your account and go to Admin > Settings and scroll down to the Notification section.

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