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Each member on your membership database is allocated a username that, along with a password they will create, enables them to login to their online account where they can keep their membership information up-to-date, enter events, purchase/register for optional extras and make payments. 

Access to the members login page
The link to the members login page can be found under Admin > Settings.  You can hyperlink directly to the page or embed it into your website using an iframe (a 10 minute job for a Webmaster).  Click here to see a good example of an embedded login page.

Membership information
Once logged in, members can view and update their information on the 'Members Details' page.  If logging in to an account that has linked members, an option will appear so the member can click through and access linked members information too.

Members are prevented from navigating away from the 'Members Details' page if mandatory fields have been left unanswered.  

Membership card
If you have enabled the membership card feature, a link will appear on the top section of the members account.  Members can upload a profile picture and print the card.

Linked members
In the case of linked members, members login using the lead members login details.  Once logged in, membership information for the lead and linked members is accessible.

Registering for events
Members can register for events via the Event menu option or from the Payment page where a list of upcoming events appear.  

Courses, Classes, Fundraising Appeals and Optional Extras
These items will appear on the left hand side of the Payment page for members to select.  Once the member selects and submits, the cost of these items will added to the check-out page or if a member has pre-authorised payment, money will be collected automatically.

Payment page
Any money due appears on the Payment page.  If the option for members to pay by instalments has been enabled, the member can select to pay in full or by instalments.  If the option to change subscription groups has been enabled, the member can select to change groups.

On the Payment page is a link to Paid payments so members can access an electronic receipt of money paid.

Logging off
When members log-out of their account, they are navigated to the URL specified in Admin > SettingsURL for members to be navigated to after logging out of their account.

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