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The system allows you to assign access rights to individuals on the system.  Access rights can be given to specific functions and groups.
To give a person access rights, go to their record and select 'Access Rights' from the Member icon on the toolbar. On the page that loads is a list of all the functions on the left and the groups on the right.  Select the appropriate options and Save.
The person given the access rights will be required to verify their email address (if they haven't done so before).  The system will send them an email with a verification link.  Once they click the link, there access rights will be switched on and they'll be added to the system group 'Administrators'

If giving limited access rights (anything less than Full Access Rights), the authorised person will be able to access the features and groups via the 'Switch to admin view' link in their account.

Note, a person with full access rights cannot be linked to anyone else on the system.
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    Piers Glydon WRBBAC Webmaster

    What is the "Groups" box for on the right hand side? Is this groups that this admin can join, or control, or see?

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    When selecting the Admin functions that you are permissioning from the list on the left, you will need to select which groups these will be available for from the list of groups on the right. So for example, if you are giving a coach permission to record attendance from the functions on the left, you will need to select the relevant classes (groups) from the list on the right.

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