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To enable your organisation to accept Direct Debit payments online through, you will need a GoCardless merchant account. 
Setting up a GoCardless merchant account is quick, free and easy and step by step instructions are below.

Note, If you are outside the UK, please click here to check that you are in an eligible country. If you need to take payment in multiple currencies, you will need to activate SEPA with GoCardless. Please click here and follow their instructions for activating this.
The first step is to go to Admin > Settings
Next, check the box to receive payments by Direct Debit
Next, click on the blue button 'Create/connect a GoCardless account' and you move through to the GoCardless environment. Here you will be asked to enter basic details to create the account.
Please note: if you already have a GoCardless account click on the sign in button.
You have now linked your GoCardless account to PaySubsOnline and you will be redirected back to your account.
You will shortly receive an email from GoCardless asking you to verify your account - clicking on the link will transfer you to the GoCardless login page and into their environment.
Now you can continue to create your account. Bear in mind that any money you collect will remain in the GoCardless system until your account is verified.
On the first screen you will need to select the 'Standard package' - please note that the 1% fee charged by GoCardless is included in our 2.95% charges.

Please note: any payment made will generate a notification from GoCardless to the payee. If you would like to turn these off, you will need a Pro Package with GoCardless. One of the features of this package is that you will be responsible for updating customers and all notifications from GoCardless will be switched off. If you decide to upgrade to a Pro Package, you will also need to inform us so that we are able to ensure your account works correctly.


The next step is to input details about your company so have these details handy.  Please note that GoCardless can't currently sign up partnerships.




The final part of the process is to make a  small deposit to GoCardless so that they can verify the account.

If you have any problems during this process you can reach GoCardless on 0208 3389538 or
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