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The system allows you to build online forms that are used to store information about your members and for new members to complete when registering online.  You can add / edit and view forms under Admin > Forms.
You can have different forms for different groups (for example, a form for the adults and a form for the juniors with guardian information) or a master form for all groups.
By creating a form, you are inputting the field headings (questions) that will appear:
  • when you add an individual member to the system via the View Members section
  • on the spreadsheet used to import members details on to
  • on the online registration form
Creating a form for all groups
To apply a standard form to all groups, select ‘Master form’ from the drop down option then pick the relevant fields from the list on the left-hand-side. If a field is mandatory, click on the ‘Mandatory’ tick box next to that field.
To create a question not on the pre-set list, click on the ‘create custom question’ link, write your question, set whether it is mandatory and what type of answer best describes the reply:
  • Free type – allows members to enter text and numbers freely, for example a written reply such as a sentence or statement (if you expect a long answer then select ‘Multi-line’
  • Multiple-choice – set how many answers the members can choose from by clicking on the ‘Add More’ button. Set what kind of reply it is – one answer only or multiple answers
  • Date – for date related questions, select this date option so members can select the date from a calendar box.
You can define whether fields are for ‘internal use only’ or ‘View only’ (ie. members can see the field value but can’t edit it. For example, a membership number)
If your question has a long pre-word, you want to insert a statement in to your form or input a declaration, there is an option to do so from within the ‘Create custom question’ box 'Insert statement'.
Creating different forms for different groups
To create a different form (from that of the master form) for a specific group, select the group from the drop down list and edit. Once you change and save the form that form them becomes independent of the master form. Therefore, if you subsequently make a change to the master form it will not effect the new independent form. The one exception to this is if you change the property of a custom question (or statement), for example, the text of the question or answer type, then this change will apply to that question whatever group it appears in.
Copying forms
If you wish to copy a form from another Category / Group, first select the one you want to copy the form to from the 'Build / edit form for' dropdown list and then select the Category / Group you want to copy from and click on the 'Copy form' button.  This will copy and save the form.
Deleting fields from forms
To remove fields from the form, click on the ‘X’ in the grey box.
To permanently remove custom questions, click on ‘Edit’ in the grey box and then the ‘Delete question’ box.
To remove all fields from a form and revert back to the Master Membership List form, click on ‘Revert form back to master form’.
Inserting ‘Extras’ in to forms
If you have setup ‘Optional Extras’, you can insert that Optional Extra in to the form. To do this, select ‘Extras’ from the left-hand-side panel.  It will then appear on the right-hand-side - then click on Edit. Select which Extras you want appear on the form.

Different forms can expose different Optional Extras so if you want to give the option for Adults to by Adult Large T-Shirts and Juniors to only see kid size T-Shirts, you can.  

These Optional Extras will appear in the registration form (if you are publishing the forms for new members to sign up to – see below) and in the member login. People can select the Optional Extra and if there is a cost associated, pay.
Publishing forms for online registrations
You can define which groups should be made available for people to register for. This option is at the bottom of the Registration Form Page. Just tick the group names you want to appear in the registration form group dropdown.
Terms and conditions / Code of conduct
Below the list of group names is the link ‘Set terms and conditions’. This allows you to paste your organisations terms and conditions / code of conduct in for members to agree to when they register online.

Add information box to the top of the registration page - This option appears on the tool bar and allows you to enter information that will appear above the registration options on the registration page.  Useful for relaying instructions to prospective members. When you have entered your information you will need to click on done. Finally you need to click on Save for the changes to take effect.

Points to note
If you have different forms for different groups, it’s best to create a master form first with common fields. Once you’re happy with the master form then you can start to customise forms for the different groups.  You are able to see all forms that are linked to the Master form by clicking on the link icon next to form drop down list.

When importing data in to the system you first need to download the template. This template is made up of the fields in your groups. If you have a field in your form that is greater than 60 characters, for technical reasons, the field will not appear in the template. Keep this in mind when building your form, their is also an option to create an abbreviation that will appear in the template.  This abbreviation will also appear when the field is used on a register

When creating custom questions, the name of the question has to be unique (unique being across all groups and not just unique for one group).
When editing a custom field / statement, the change will apply wherever that field / statement appears.  For example, if you make an edit to a custom question on the Adult form, the change will also apply for that field if it appears on the Junior form.
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