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Hovering over 'Members' on the main menu will expose various options for you to click through to.  For example, you can click through to View All groups you have created plus System Groups, just System Groups on their own, the Master Membership List, Membership Categories, Classes, Courses, Events, Fundraising Appeals, Custom Subscription Groups and Standard Groups.  Only if you have created these type of groups (with the exception of system groups which appear as default) will they appear in the list.

Once you've clicked on the option you want, any groups under that category will appear.  Clicking on the group name will display a list of people associated to that group.  With the exception of the system groups, from here you can:

Add new member(s)
Allows you to add members individually or import with a spreadsheet to the selected groups. Click here for information on importing members.
Copy member(s) to new destination
Copy's members to another Category / Group. The member will remain associated to the Category / Group you are copying from.

When copying, adding, moving members to a Membership Category / Course / Class / Optional Extra / Fundraising Appeal with a cost associated to it, the system will ask: 
  • Schedule payment request(s) now - Select this option to generate the payment request(s) now or schedule the request to be sent at a later date.

  • Schedule payment request(s) later - Select this option to schedule the payment request another time.  When you are ready, you can access the payment requests in Reports > Members in a subscription group without a scheduled first payment request date

  • Do not generate a payment request - select this option if you want to add members to the Subscription Group but not request payment

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Move member(s) to new destination
Moves the member from the current location to the selected destination.  Any outstanding payment requests or paid amounts will remain in place.  Note, you cannot move members out of the Master Membership List.

When moving members out of a group that auto-renews, this will cancel any future scheduled requests.
If you have instalments enabled, moving members out of that group will cancel all future instalment requests. 
Remove member(s)
Removes members permanently from the group.  Removing member(s) will not affect the reporting of payments, for example if you have made a payment request from a member you have removed from a group, the amount you have requested (or the amount they have paid) will still be displayed in payment reports.
If you want to delete a member permanently from the system, this has to be done from the Master membership list.  Deleting a member from the Master membership list will remove all payment history and scheduled payment requests for that member.
Request payment
To request payment for the group you are viewing, tick the boxes next to the members names then select 'Request payment' from the tool bar.  This will lead you in to the process of requesting payment as described above in the Copy section.
Export membership information
This takes you through to the export page, details of which can be found here.
Mass update information
The system allows you to update information on mass.  For full details, click here
Cancel pre-authorisation
If you have members that have pre-authorised payments and you want to cancel those pre-authorisation agreements on mass for all people in the group you are viewing, select this option.  Note, if you select this option from the master membership list the system will cancel the pre-authorisation for everyone.  For more details on pre-authorisation, click here.
Known limitations: When using the copy, move, remove and request payment features, the action will only apply to the names on the page you are viewing, ie. the process can't be applied to multiple pages in the table.
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