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You can generate ad-hoc payment requests by going to Subscription Options > Ad-hoc payment requests.
There are 4 steps to the process:
Step 1 – Select the group you want to request payment from (you can narrow this down to individual members in step 4
Select the group and click Next.

Step 2 – Enter the payment description
Type in the description of the payment request.  If you have requested payment for the same item before, the description of the item will appear as you type.  If you select the description, the request you make will appear in the Payment Reports under the same payment description.
Step 3 – Choose the payment frequency
The system defaults to one-off payment requests but you can choose to schedule Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or Annual payments plus there's an option to create your own schedule of payments by entering in specific dates.  If scheduling payments, the system will ask for a start and end date or whether its until further notice.  You can also setup predefined future payment dates.  Just enter the amount, payment dates, and description (ie. Instalment 1).
If it’s a one-off payment request then enter the amount to be requested, how many days payment is due within and the frequency in which you want the automatic reminders to be sent.  Note, the system will continue to send automatic reminders until payment has been made.  
You can choose to write an email to go out with the request (and insert fields using the dropdown list) or leave it blank (useful if you want to assign an amount outstanding against a member without the need to email them).  If you choose to write an email, the same content will be used in the automatic payment reminders.  

Note - you can turn off the automatic payment reminders in the Detailed Payment Reports by selecting the members name and then the option 'Turn off automatic reminders'.

Step 4 – Confirm recipients
Here you can confirm the recipients, amend the amount to be requested, and record if someone has already paid. 

If you have requested payment before for the same item, the system will automatically filter out anyone who has received a previous request for that item.  There is a check-box option to display the members filtered so you can request payment again.

After you have completed the payment request, the information will appear in the Payment Reports section (this can sometimes take a few minutes to update).
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