Recording 'offline' payments (ie. cash, cheque etc)

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This guide steps you through the process of recording payments received outside of
To record payments, either click in to a persons record or click on the Financials option in the main menu.  There, you can opt to view payments outstanding by Payment Description or for All members that have a payment outstanding. Clicking on either option will take you through to the page where you can: 
  • Edit the amount due - if, after you have requested payment, the amount due needs to be edited, you can do it here.  After changing, press Save.

  • Record payment - ticking the box in the Paid column will activate and the Amount paid and Payment method input boxes.

  • Delete payment request - deletes the selected payment request.  Note, you can't delete a payment request that is part paid.  You will need to refund the part payment first.

  • Member opted to pay by instalments - selecting this option tells the system that the member has decided to pay by instalments but instead of the member logging in to their account an opting for the instalment option, they have given you a payment 'offline'.  After selecting this option, the instalment schedule will appear for you to record payment against.

  • Select payment method - allows you to change the payment method for multiple people in one go.  Select the members first by ticking the box next to their name and then select this option.  The list of payment methods will appear for you to select from.

  • Include future instalment requests - if a member has given an offline payment to cover any instalment requests not yet due, select this option to view instalments yet to be requested instalments so you can record payment.

  • Switch to consolidated view - if you are viewing the outstanding payments for a member paying by instalments, you will, by default, be looking at an itemised view of what's outstanding, ie. each instalment request.  If you want to look at the consolidated amount outstanding against the total amount of the original payment request (ie. before it was split in to instalments), then select this option. 

  • Filter by group - use this feature if you want to filter the payment request by a group.  For example, if you want to record payments for the 'Junior Annual Membership' and you have a bunch of cheques from a particular age group, you can use the Filter by group option and select the required age group.
Top Tip - the system remembers how the member paid last time so to help you whizz through recording offline payments, you can sort the ‘Payment method’ column alphabetically so all the cheques payers are together, the cash payers together and so on.  To do this, just click on the column heading.
Press Save to finish.
Something to watch out for – the system can take a couple of minutes to process payment requests. Please bare this in mind when generating payment requests and going to record offline payments.
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