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When members register online and no payment is required at the point of registration, they will be placed in the system group 'Online registrations awaiting approval'.  This gives you the opportunity to vet people first before either approving them or deleting them.

When approving, you have two options:

Approve member(s)
By selecting the members (ticking the box next to their name) and selecting this option, members will be approved to the master membership list and added to the group(s) in which they registered for.

Approve and move member(s) to group
Select this option to choose which group you want to approve and move members to.  This option is typically used if the new member has registered for the wrong group.


As you approve people, you will be given the option to send an approval email, the template for which can be found under Admin > Email Templates.  If you are approving a member then requesting payment straight away then an approval email is probably not required.  If you are approving someone to perhaps a waiting list, then sending an approval email (which may take the form of a holding email) might be appropriate.

When approving members and there is a cost associated to what they have registered for, you will be presented with three options:

  • Schedule payment request(s) now - Select this option to generate the payment request(s) now or schedule the request to be sent at a later date.

  • Schedule payment request(s) later - Select this option to schedule the payment request another time.  When you are ready, you can access the payment requests in Reports > Members in a subscription group without a scheduled first payment request date.

  • Do not generate a payment request - select this option if you want to add members to the Subscription or Optional Extra Group but not request payment.

For full details on requesting payment using groups, click here.

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