How members can cancel their pre-authorisation agreement

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Members can cancel their pre-authorisation agreements by logging in to their online account, going to the Payment page and clicking on the cancellation link.
If the member pre-authorised payments using PayPal, they will be shown a step-by-step guide of how to cancel their agreement once logged in to their PayPal account.  As follows: 

First, login to PayPal and then:


  1. Click on Profile
  2. Click on My Money
  3. Click on 'Update' My pre-approved payments
  4. Click on the merchant Pay Here Ltd
  5. Change the status from Active to Cancel
For members that have pre-authorised payments with GoCardless, clicking on the cancel link in their will cancel the agreement.
For Direct Debit, it’s possible that member’s will cancel a pre-authorisation agreement whilst payments are being processed.  Depending on how far ‘down the road’ the payment has been processed will determine whether the cancellation will affect funds being transferred to your organisation.  There are a multitude of factors affecting the timing so there’s no hard and fast rule of when a cancelled agreement will affect a payment.  Failed payments due to cancellation of pre-authorised agreements are highlighted in the Payment Reports (the amount payable appears in red).
If a member cancels their Direct Debit pre-authorisation agreement, the administrator will receive an email from notifying them of the cancellation.  We will be adding the same functionality for PayPal soon.

After cancelling the agreement, in the members account, the option to setup pre-authorisation will become active again.

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