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We use the term 'Groups' to describe things like membership categories, classes, courses, optional extras etc.  We also have what we called Standard Groups that allows you to organise members in to.  You can have groups for teams, age groups, committees, volunteers, first aiders, interest groups - in fact, anything you want.

Here's some info on standard groups:

  • Each group has a form associated to it.

  • Groups have no cost associated to them.

  • Groups are used for organisational purposes.

  • Also used for creating registration forms (can be displayed as a standalone option on the registration page).

  • Useful for sending target emails to groups of people.

  • You can associate groups to membership category or class registration forms (for example, for the Junior membership category you may want to display the option for people to select groups for Under 7s, Under 8s etc).

  • You can display the group form in members online account.

  • Filter by group in the payment request screen (for example, show me all Under 8s that have not paid their Junior membership fees).

  • Filter by group in payment request screen and upcoming payments (for example, filter by siblings and apply a discount).

  • You can associate classes/courses/optional extras/fundraising appeals and supporters club to a group form on the registration page.

  • If you have a group as a standalone option on the registration page and no payment is taken at the point of registration for anything associated to that group form (for example, a class or optional extra), then person registering will receive the Notification email template (Admin > Email Templates).

  • If displaying a group as a standalone option on the registration page, you can set which administrators can be c.c. in the welcome email.

  • If you have associated a group to the form of a membership category/class/course, the option to select that group will not appear on the form in the members online account.

  • When a member pays for a class / course / membership category / optional extra, you can have the system automatically copy that member in to a standard group.

  • Members can be associated to any number of groups.


Click here for information on how to create Groups.

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