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A Supporters Club is a form of lottery with a pre-set amount of numbered ‘tickets’, e.g. 100 tickets for a 100 Club. This number can vary to suit the size of your organisation, e.g. 200 tickets for a 200 Club and so on.

Each month members pay a fixed subscription for their number. The number can either be of their choice, their membership number or a number allocated by the clubs administrator.

At the end of each month, paid up members are entered in to the draw for their chance to win a share of the pot. This is typically 25% for the winner, 10% for second and the net amount going to your good cause.

Running a 100 Club has traditionally been hard work with members having to setup standing orders and someone at the organisation having to check the bank account each month to make sure people have paid.  This can now be done online with New members joining the club can opt to play as they register for the club and existing members can login to their account to sign-up. Each month (or whatever frequency you decide), will collect and reconcile the payments automatically so you can see at a glance who's paid before you make the draw.


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