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The events section allows you to create events that members and non-members can register for.  

An event can be made up of different categories, for example, members and non-members, juniors and adults.  Different costs and information can be assigned to different categories, for example, venue or contact information.

Each event and category comes with a customisable event registration form that allows members to register for the event via their member login and non-members to register for an event via a dedicated events page (the link for which you can find under the Navigation settings in  Admin > Settings).

As an administrator, you can set whether one person can register multiple people for an event (for example, buying tickets for a social event) and whether you want all participants in an event to submit information or not.

Event participants can pay for events by Card or Direct Debit (DD UK customers only).

Please note. When testing the Public Events Registration Page you should not be logged in as an administrator in one tab and submitting an event entry in another tab within the same browser. If you do the event fields will not show as mandatory and an error will occur when you submit the form.


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