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To create an Event that is made up of different categories, go to Events and click on Create New Event and follow these steps: 

Step 1 - Event Name and Description

Give your Event a name and Description.

Upload an image of for your Event (recommended size 175 x 135 px. The system will shrink to that ratio any larger images).  If no image is uploaded, the system will insert a default one.

Select YES to the question 'Are there multiple categories to the event (for example, Members and Non-Members, Adults and Juniors)' and then click on Next.


Step 2 - Event Details

Enter details of the event:

Venue of Event, Address, Event Organiser, Event Organiser Email Address, Event Organiser Contact Number, Event Start / End Date, Closing Date and Event fee will appear on the event registration page.

Maximum number of Participants - If your event is limited to a maximum number, enter it here. Once the maximum number of participants is reached, the system will display a message notifying anyone trying to register that the maximum number has been reached and to contact the event administrator if they require any further information.

Entrance fee - Enter the cost of the event here.  If free, enter 0.00

Can one person register multiple people for an event? This allows a person to register other people for an Event.  Useful if you are selling tickets for an event where one person registers themselves and their friends.  If you select NO to this option then each event participant will be required to register themselves.  If you select YES then the following 2 questions will appear:

When one person registers multiple people, is information required for each person?   Select YES if you require information to be submitted for all people registering for the Event or NO if information is only required from the main contact.  

What's the maximum quantity one person can buy?  Select your limit here.

Early registration discount - you can give a percentage discount to be applied on all registrations on or before a particular date.  After the date passes, the system will automatically change the cost to the non-discounted rate.

Publish the category on the Public Events page - If you want non-members to sign-up for the event, select YES.  Otherwise, select NO so only members can register for the Event via their member login.  Note, the link for the events page for non-members can be found under Admin > Settings.


Click on 'Save and add next category' to proceed.

On the next page you'll see the option to copy the properties from previous categories.  Select the appropriate category from the dropdown and the system will populate the fields for the current category.

Once you've completed inputting the information for the second category, you can choose to save add another category or proceed to building the forms for the Event.


Step 3 - Event form(s)

This step allows you to build the form(s) for the Event.  The fields on the form will be visible for participants to complete when they register for the event (unless you select any fields to be for internal use only).

You can have one common form for all of your categories (use the 'Master event registration form' for this) or different forms for each category.

If you want a different form for each category but many of the fields are common across the categories then we recommend building the basic event form using the 'Master event registration form' then selecting the categories from the dropdown (shown below) and making the neccessary amends to each of the forms.


Please click here for information on building forms.  


Step 4 - Payment Request Email

After the event has been setup, it's possible for administrators to add/copy/move people to an event.  If they do, they have the option to send a payment request and the text used in this template will be sent.

Step 5 - Confirmation Email

As people register for an event, the system will send them a confirmation email.  In this step, you can enter the content of that email.  You can include the fields that you created when building the form for the event so you can personalise the email.  There's also an option to include a Booking Reference which is a unqiue number generated for that booking.

A copy of the confirmation email will be sent to the person that the email is sent from.  Below the email editor is the option to c.c. in administrators to confirmation emails.

Click on SAVE and FINISH to complete the Event setup.

Once complete, you can use the Group Email tool (Members > Send Email) to invite your members to register for the event.


Known limitation: Currently, it's not possible for a category to be deleted after it's been created.

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