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Creating a Standard Group

To create a group, go to Members and from the tool bar click on 'Create a group' and follow the process below:

  1. Group name

    Input the name of the group.

  2. Display the form for this group in the member's account?

    Each group can have its own form and you can choose whether to display the form for that group in the members online account (so they can keep the information on it up-to-date). If that's useful, select YES or if the group is for your own internal reference, select NO.  

    If the form for the group is the same as say your membership category / registration form, then there's little reason to display it in the members account.  If the form contains unique information that you'd like members to be able to access and update, then opt to display that form in the members account.

    When members login to their account, they can access the form by clicking on the group name in they menu bar.

  3. Display the option for people to register for this group on the registration page?

    If selecting 'Yes' to this option you will be presented with two further options:

    a) Include the option to register for this group only on the form of:
    This option allows you to include the option for people to select the group whilst completing your online registration form.  For example, you might have have age groups and want to give the person registering the option to select which age they are in.  Or perhaps you have regions, again they can select which region they're in.  

    After they complete the registration process the person will be added to the registration option they selected (for example, a membership category) and the group they selected.  If you've opted not to take payment at the point of registration, the person will be added to 'Online registrations awaiting approval' where you'll be able to view their information for each group they've registered for.

    You can position where you want the group option to appear on the registration form you've associated it to.  To do this, go to Admin > Forms - select the form you've associated the group to and on the right hand side of the page will be a list of the fields and groups that will appear on the form.  If you've just added the group, it will appear at the bottom of the form.  Drag and drop to where you want the group option to be positioned on the form.

    It's also possible to select which groups you want to appear on the form direct from the form builder page itself.  You'll find the option to select the groups on the left hand side (towards the bottom). When you do this, the system will automatically update the group settings when viewing them via Members > Groups > Edit.

    b) Make it a standalone registration option
    Selecting this option will display the group as a standalone option in the dropdown list on the registration page. 
  4. Limit the number of people that can be added to this groups?

This gives you the an option of ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, if you select yes, then you will be presented with a box to tell the system what the limit is and whether you will require a waiting list when the limit has been reached.

Save when done.

Editing a Standard Group

To edit a group, go to Members and click on Edit adjacent to the group name.  There you can edit the properties of the group.

Copying a Standard Group

To save time setting up groups, you can create one then copy and rename.  Copying a group copies the properties and form of the group you are making a copy of.  



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