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This article gives information on the master membership list.

Master membership list

This is the single place that you'll find all people on your database whose status is set to 'Member'.  From the master membership list you can:

  • add people (though we recommend if adding people manually to the system you do so by adding them directly to the group they are primarily associated to, for example, their membership category).

  • Copy people to a new destination.  Note, it is not possible to move someone from the master membership list, only copy.

  • Delete people. Note, when you delete someone from the master membership list you are removing them and any related information from the system (including financial information).  If you want to exclude someone from your master membership list but not lose their data, we recommend you set their status to non-member instead.

  • Export membership data.

  • Mass update members information.

  • Cancel all pre-authorisations - if you'd like to cancel the pre-authorisation agreement of everyone on the database, you can from the master membership list.  Note, this will cancel everyone's pre-authorisation regardless if you only select some members on the master membership list.


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