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The system allows members to be linked together.  When members are linked, one becomes the lead member to which the others are linked. Lead and linked members have one common username and password, that of the lead.

When members login to their account, the lead members information will appear first in the 'Member details' section and an option in the menu bar will appear for clicking through to the linked members details.

There are three ways members can be linked:

In the online registration process
When members complete the online registration form, they have the option to submit their information and add additional members. When doing so, the system links those members together.  The first person to submit their information becomes the lead member and subsequent members become linked to that lead member.

When adding members manually to the system (Members > View members - Add member to selected group)
After entering a members details, there is an option 'Add linked member'.  When selecting this, the system will ask you for the first name of the member you want to link as it will first search the database to see if the member already exists.  If the member you want to add does not appear in the list, select 'Add new user' and enter their email address.  A dropdown box will appear so you can select which group to add the new member to.  The form for that group will load for you to complete inputting the members details.  Once complete, select 'Save and Finish'. When adding an additional linked member in this way the first person entered will become the lead member.

From within a members record
If the member is not already linked, there will be two options:

  • Link other member(s) to this lead member - This will make the record you are currently on the lead member. Entering in the first name of the member you want to link.  A list of members with matching first names will appear for you to select from.  If no name appears then click Next to add that member.
  • Link this member to a lead member - enter the name of the person that is already a lead member or you want to make a lead member and select it from the list that appears.  Click the Link button to finish.

Lead members and Pre-authorisation 
When a lead member pre-authorises payments, all members linked to them will assume the pre-authorised status meaning any payment requests made will be automatically collected.

Lead members and sending group emails

In the scenario where lead and linked members share the same email address, the system gives you the option to select whether you want to send just one email or send an email to both lead and linked members.   So the options are as follows:
  • Only send one email - select this option to prevent the system from sending this email to all linked members (for example, all family members). Instead, just the lead member will receive the email. If the lead member has not been selected to receive this email, then the email will only be sent to one of the linked members (chosen alphabetically by first name).

  • Send to all - select this option if you want all selected linked members to receive this email. Use this option if your email contains member specific information (for example, Date of Birth).

If the linked members have different email addresses (for example, the husbands email address is different to his wife's), both members will receive the email. 

Lead members and payment requests
When requesting payment from linked members that are not in joint membership groups, each will receive a payment request, sent to the lead members email address. If you are requesting for a joint membership, a payment request will generate for the lead member only.

Lead members and payments
When an existing member logs in to make a consolidated payment or a new member registers and makes a consolidated payment (ie. payments for multiple members or multiple items), such as below, the payment is processed in one transaction.

However, if the member settles future payment requests by pre-authorisation, each request will initiate its own transaction.

Unlinking members
To unlink members, click in to the members record and scroll to the bottom.  There you will see a linkage table with the option to unlink members.


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