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This article sets out the options available from within the members record.  As follows:
Send email
You can send an email to the member from their membership record by selecting this option.  Full details on email sending can be found here.
View outstanding payment requests
Shows what’s outstanding and gives you several options: 
  • Edit the amount due - If, after you have requested payment, you need to change the amount due, you can do that here.  After changing, press Save.  Note, you can not change the value of instalments.

  • Record payment - Tick the box in the Paid column and the Amount paid and Payment method input boxes will activate.

  • Delete payment request - Deletes the selected payment request.  Note, you can't delete a payment request that is paid or part paid.  You will need to do a refund of the part payment first.
  • Member opted to pay by instalments - Selecting this option enables you to tell the system that this member has decided to pay by instalments but instead of the member logging in to their account an opting for the instalment option, they have given you payment 'offline'.  After selecting this option, the instalment schedule will appear for you to record payment against.

  • Include future instalment requests - If a member has given you offline payments to cover instalment requests not yet due, select this option to view instalments yet to be requested so you can record payment.

  • Switch to consolidated view - If you are viewing the outstanding payments for a member paying by instalments, you will, by default, be looking at an itemised view of what's outstanding, ie. each instalment request.  If you want to view the consolidated amount outstanding against the total amount of the original payment request (ie. before it was split in to instalments), then select this option. 
View upcoming payments - select this option to see when the next payment is due for a member.  Full details on the upcoming payment report can be found here.
Add / Edit / View Access Rights
The system allows you to assign access rights to individuals on the system.  Access rights can be given to specific functions and to specified groups.

Note, you cannot give access rights to linked members.

For further information on Access Rights, click here.
Switch to members login - This allows you to see exactly what a member would see when logging in to their account.  This option is available in a lead members record only.
Copy member to new destination - This allows you to copy the member to other groups you have setup.
Move member to new destination - This will move the member from the group you're currently viewing them in (as determined by the dropdown below) to the group of your choice.
When moving members out of a group that auto-renews, this will cancel any future scheduled requests.
If you have instalments enabled, moving members out of that group will cancel all future instalment requests. 
Remove - Removes members permanently from the group you are viewing them in (as determined by screenshot above).  Removing member(s) will not affect the reporting of payments, for example if you have made a payment request from a member you have removed from a group, the amount you have requested (or the amount they have paid) will still be displayed in payment reports.
If you want to delete a member permanently from the system, this has to be done from the Master membership list.  Deleting a member from the Master membership list will remove all payment history and scheduled payment requests for that member.
Request payment - This option appears when you're viewing the member in a group that has a cost associated to it.  Clicking on this option will start the payment request process.  Click here for more details on the payment request process.
Link members together
The system allows you to link members together.  When linking members together there will be a lead member and a linked member.  There can be multiple members linked to lead members.
There are two ways to link members together.  The first is when a new member registers multiple people online at the same time.  The system recognises the members are linked and makes the first member person who registers the lead and subsequent members the linked members.  

The second way is from within the members record.  The system gives you a choice to either ‘Link this member to a lead member’ or  ’Link other members to this lead member’.   Either way, the system allows you to search on the members you want to link.  If the member you want to link to is not on the system already, then you can add them.  Click here for information on how to add a member to be linked.
Linked members share the same member login.  So instead of Mum, Dad, Jimmy and Janey having separate accounts, all information (membership and payment info) for each member is stored under one.  All payment requests are sent to the lead member.
You can view which members are linked together by clicking in to a members record.  The system will show a table of all linked members in that group.  The system will also put the lead member in to the system group ‘Lead members’ for easy reference.  Linked members will also be put into the system group 'Linked members' for easy reference.
View the forms for the different group the member is in
If a person is in multiple groups, at the top of there record you'll see a dropdown that allows you to change the form you are viewing based on which group they are in.
Members status - The system allows you to denote whether a person is a member or non-member.  If a person registers online, is added to the system manually or imported, by default their status will be member.  At any time you can change that status here.  Changing a persons status to non-member will remove them from your master membership list. 
Pre-authorisation status
At the bottom of the page the members pre-authorisation status is displayed.  If active, a YES will appear to denote this.  Clicking on the YES will show you when the pre-authorisation agreement was initiated and for PayPal agreements, when it will expire.  There's an option here to cancel the active pre-authorisation agreement.
View payment history
At the bottom of the members record is their payment history.  Clicking on Details next to a payment will expose further information about that transaction.
View email history
At the bottom of the members record is their email history.  Here you will be able to see all emails that have been sent to the member from the system.  From here you can see when the email was sent, if it has been delivered, opened or any links clicked within the email.  If the delivery has been unsuccessful you will also be able to see the reason why, if it has been blocked you will be able to remove.  If the system reports that the email address is invalid you ca update it and then by clicking into the email you can resend.
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