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If a member is pre-authorised it's possible that payment collection can fail.  Payment collection can fail for a number of reasons including insufficient funds, pre-approval expired, not linking the correct funding source to a PayPal account, expired debit/credit card etc.

When a payment fails, an email alert is sent to the member giving them instructions of what they need to do.  Administrators with full access rights are c.c. in to this alert.

The failed payment will show up in the members payment history (at the bottom of their database record).  The failed payment will show up on the payment table of their payment history and if you click on 'Details' it will show you the reason for the failure.

The reasons for failure are passed straight through from our payment partners, PayPal and GoCardless and can sometimes be a little cryptic!

The failed payment will also be shown in the Cancelled/Failed Transaction Report under the menu option Financials > Payment Reports.  The failed payment will be shown as a red 0.00 and clicking on that 0.00 will display a pop-up with the detail of the failed payment.

You can acknowledge a failed payment (in order to clear it from your failed transaction list) by ticking the Acknowledge box in the pop-up.   

When a member is pre-authorised and payment fails, the system will continually try to collect payment at midnight (GMT) each day until successful.

If a member logs in to their Pay Subs Online account and goes to their Payment page following a failed payment alert, they will see a message that gives them instructions what to do. 

Unprocessable Entity message: This usually appears for one of 2 reasons:

1. You have reached the annual limit for the year and therefore need to contact GoCardless and with the payers permission they will increase this limit so we can continue taking payments. You can contact Gocardless at [email protected]

2. The amount your are trying to process is too low - any payments under £1 will not be able to be processed by GoCardless

Webhook Validation

This can be one of two things, unfortunately, we cannot tell which one. The first is that it was a banking error, the second is that the payment has been blocked by the bank. If this has been displayed, then the payment will automatically start processing again the next day if the member has a pre-authorisation, if not the member will need to enter their details again.

If this failed message displays more than once, you can advise your member to contact their bank to make sure that it has not been blocked by them.


If you see this message as reason for failed, we have been advised that this is likely due to the bank not authorising the direct debit set up. You should advise your member to contact their back so they are allowed to accept direct debits from GoCardless. It could also be that they have given details of an account that does not allow the set up of direct debits.

Payment Cancelled

This is likely done by the member not recognising the payment, if there is a pre-authorisation set up, then you will need to purge the cancelled attempt for the system to try and request payment again. 

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