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You now have the ability to schedule emails to go out at future dates and times automatically - for more information on how to do this in a members record click here, and for a group email, click here

What you may need to do, however, is make changes or delete these emails before they go out. We have now made this possible.

Please note: to maximise email delivery rates, we use a specialist third party email delivery system. We submit scheduled emails to this system one hour before their due sending time. As such, it is not possible for you to edit or cancel emails within one hour of the scheduled sending time. 

What to Do:

To access all scheduled emails, hover over the email tab and select 'Scheduled Emails'. You will then be presented with a list of all scheduled emails. The default range is one month but you can extend this date as far as you like. 



This screen will also display the following information.



1. The subject header of the email being sent.

2. Which administrator created the email.

3. If the email is part of a sequence, the email's name will be displayed - click here for more information on email sequences.

4. Date and time the email is scheduled to go out on.

5. Date any changes were made.

6. The number of recipients.

When you extend the dates out, the system will show the next 12 emails that are scheduled for each subject. These will be displayed in date order and you can sort them by any of the column headings.




From this page, you will then be able to select individual emails, have the option to cancel an email, or any emails related to that email. 





By clicking 'Next' you will then be presented with a list of all the recipients. From here, again, there are multiple options.





1.   Edit the scheduled date and time for all members selected.

1a. Edit the scheduled date and time for the individual.





2. Edit the email template for all the members selected.

2a. Edit the email template for the individual.





3. Remove all recipients form the email being sent. Please note: this will not remove them from subsequent emails. 


Important Reminder: it's not possible to make any changes within one hour of the sending time.





You can also create custom templates for use when sending emails - if you'd like more information on how to do this, click here



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