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To send an email from a members record simply hover over the 'Member' icon on the toolbar and click on the 'Send email'.





On the next screen, you will be presented with a blank email template. There are also a number of sending options on this page listed out below.



1. Here you can load any saved email templates - click here for more details on how to create an email template.



2. You will now be offered the 3 sending options shown below.



If you select to send a test email, the system will do exactly that and send a copy of the email to your own email address.

If you select to 'Send now', you will be asked if you want to send the email once or multiple recurring times. Selecting the recurring option will give the choice of weekly, monthly, bi-annually or annually.

The email will then be sent based on the sending date of the original email.

Please note: you can always edit a scheduled email up to 1 hour before sending. Click here for more details.


Selecting to 'Schedule for the future' will allow you to select the date and time that you want the email to be sent. Again, you can choose to send the email once or on a recurring basis. 

Please note: the scheduled date and time must be greater than 60mins from the current time.



If you have chosen to send an email template that is part of a sequence, and in its settings subsequent emails are due to be sent on a fixed date, you will need to set this date now.



 3.  You can add up to 3 attachments to an email with a maximum file size of 10MB/file



4. Clicking here will allow you to preview the email that is going to be sent including any populated fields from your database. Details on how to add these are below.


5. If you have members in this list that don't have an email address you can always print out the email and use good old-fashioned snail mail. Alternatively, if you want to exclude these members you can select to only send to Members with a valid email address.



6. This is where you create your email using the toolbar. You also have the ability to personalise it along with adding any images that you want and inserting any field data that you have.


Email reporting

You will be able to see the status of any email sent by looking at the email history in a contacts record. This is found at the bottom of their record or using the 'Sent email' reports found by hovering over 'Email' on the menu bar.

More information can be found on email reporting by clicking here.




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