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You can create a sequence of emails when creating an email template, for more information on how to create templates, click here.

Sequences give you the ability to create and send any number of emails at dates and times of your choice.  For example, you may have people on a waiting list that you want to drip feed emails to keep them engaged, or perhaps an upcoming event you want to send a sequence of automatic reminders for.  

When creating a template, you'll see below the email editor the option to create a sequence. Selecting 'Yes' gives you the ability to create the next email and set the scheduling parameters.  There is no limit to the number of emails you can add to the sequence. 

In the example below we have chosen to send the second email on a fixed date which will be set at the point of sending the email. 




 The other scheduling option is to set a fixed time in which one email should follow another.  For example, send email 2 one week after email 1.  Send email 3 two weeks after email 2, and so on.



When you are finished simply click 'Save' at the top of the page.


For more information on sending group emails click here, and for sending an email from a members record click here.



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