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Here’s a what we have changed...

When you click through to a group, you’ll see all actions related to a member now under a ‘Member’ menu option (the options available vary depending on what type of group you’re viewing, for example a Standard Group won’t have an action for requesting payment whereas a membership category will).  If you have selected a member in the table, actions will become active:





If no member has been selected, certain options will be greyed out:



We’ve made similar changes in the members record, consolidating actions under 4 new menu options - Member, Payment, Activity Log and Linked Members:


When you hover over these new icons you will be presented with a drop-down menu which replaces the old icon list.



These changes have also been made in the financials section when scheduling payment requests or viewing/editing upcoming payments. Now if you want to made an edit to the payment request you will need to hover over the 'Payment Request' icon.

Any changes to the emails, such as turning them on or off or editing the template, this will now be found under the 'Email settings' icon.


We hope you agree, this new layout makes navigation more efficient. 

As always, we’re constantly working to make the software better so keep an eye out for more exciting updates coming soon.

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