Members guide for logging in issues

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Here's a list of common issues that may prevent you from logging in:

  1. You have created a password but have not received the email that contains the link to activate your password. In this case, please check your spam folder.

  2. You have not checked to see if you have received the email to activate your password and/or you have not clicked on the activation link contained in the email.

  3. The username and password fields have been pre-populated by your browser but when you try and login, the system displays 'Invalid username / password. Please retry.' To resolve, please delete what has been pre-populated and re-type your username (this will be your email address) and password.

  4. You are not on the database for the organisation you are trying to login for.  Speak with your organisations administrator to check to see a) if you are on their database   b) that the email address they have for you is the same as the one you're trying to login with.
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