How Do I Edit My Acceptance Terms

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The system allows you to rename the label you use for your Acceptance Terms (previously known as terms and conditions and enabled via Admin > Forms).

Your Acceptance Terms could mean your Terms and Conditions, your Privacy Policy, your Code of Conduct or a combination of all 3.

You can also choose to switch these on or off on your online registration forms for new people joining.

Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Hover over ‘Admin’ and click on 'Forms'.

Step 2: On the toolbar, you will see an icon called 'Registration Page'. Hover over this and click on 'Acceptance Terms'.



Step 3: This will then open a pop-up window where you can change the label that you want to use for your 'Acceptance Terms' and insert the text. The body editor will allow you to paste text, add images and hyperlinks. Finally, you will need to check the box to display the text on your registration page.

When you are done, press 'Save' and close the pop-up box. You will need to press 'Save' again on the toolbar to complete the process.



Your Terms and Conditions will then be displayed at the bottom of all forms accessed through the registration link that we provide on your 'Settings' page.




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