How Do I Delete a Record from the System?

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Members' information and records can only be deleted from within the following 'System Groups':

  • Master Membership List
  • Non-Members
  • Online Registrations Awaiting Approval
  • Failed Registrations

To help keep you GDPR compliant, we now give you four options when deleting a record from the system so you can decide what's best for your organisation. The four options are as follows:

1) Delete personal data, excluding first and last name

Select this option to delete all personal field data for a contact but retain payment history.

2) Delete personal data (excluding first and last name) and email history

As Option 1 but here the system will delete all emails sent to that contact. These emails may contain personal data that combined with their first and last name, could make the person identifiable under GDPR.

3) Delete personal data (excluding first and last name), email history and log data

The system logs common administrative tasks via the Activity Logs. Those logs detail the contacts name and email address, thus making them an identifiable person under GDPR. This combined with deleting personal data and email history, opting for this option means the person is no longer identifiable on the system.

4) Delete all information from the system

To remove a contact and their payment history from the system completely, select this option.

When selecting any of the options above, the contact will be removed from all groups. Any outstanding payment will be deleted and any upcoming requests will be cancelled. This will be reflected in your payment reports too. If the contact is in any sequenced emails these will also be cancelled. 

To Delete a Record with 'Member' Status:

Step 1: Hover over the 'Members' tab and click on 'Master Membership List'.



Step 2: Select the contacts that you want to delete by checking the boxes next to their name.



Step 3: Hover over the 'Member' icon and click on 'Delete (Step 1 of 2)'.



Step 4: Next, you are presented with the four different options for deletion.



Step 5: You will be asked to enter your initials before proceeding - this information isn't logged but acts as a final safety check before deletion occurs.


Please note - to preserve the performance of the site, all deletions are scheduled to run every two minutes. So, you will need to refresh the page to confirm the deletion.

If you select any of the first two options you will be able to see the contact's information in 'Activity logs'.

More information on 'Activity logs' can be found here.

Deleting Records with 'Non-Member' Status

Step 1: Hover over 'Members' and select 'System groups'. Once there, click 'Non-members'.

Step 2: Select the relevant record(s) using the checkbox alongside the contacts' name.

Step 3: Hover over the 'Member' icon and select 'Delete (Step 1 of 2)'. Then, follow the same steps as outlined for deleting a record with 'Member' status.




Step 4: Follow the same steps as presented for deleting a record with 'Member' status.

Once you have followed the above steps you will have successfully deleted a contact's record. 


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