Creating and Editing Custom Form Fields/Statements

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Creating Custom Fields/Statements:
Clicking on 'Create Custom fields/statements' will open a window for you to enter and select a number of different options.
Selecting 'Statement' will allow you to enter text that does not require an answer:
Selecting 'Question' will allow you to create a field against which a response is required. Here, you can specify different field properties and answer types. 
Field Properties:
  • Mandatory - making a field mandatory from within the field settings will make this field mandatory on all forms the field is added to.

  • Internal use only - A field with this property will not be viewable by members - only administrators will be able to see the field value.

  • View only (Non-editable by member) - A member will be allowed to fill in this field once but then only view it - not edit it. Any subsequent changes can only be made by an administrator. This is useful for Terms and Conditions responses, for example.

Type of Answer:

  • Free type – this allows members to enter text and numbers freely. For example, a written reply such as a sentence or statement (if you expect a long answer then select ‘Multi-line’).


  • Multiple Choice – this option allows members to select from pre-set answers. You can determine whether they can select one answer only or multiple as shown below.

  • Date – for date related questions, select this option. This will allow members to select a date from an interactive calendar. 

  • Acceptance – this option allows you to create a question with a hyperlink to the full statement which will show in the members' online account. Additionally, the system will add a timestamp when they answer the question so you know the exact time they answered.

A separate custom field can be created for your Terms and Conditions or Code of Conduct, etc. Alternatively, you may wish to create one field in which you add the text for all policies and terms you wish your members to agree to.

You also have the option for the question to be ‘View only’ once answered so the member cannot edit/change their response.

This is how the 'Acceptance' question will display in the members' account once they make a selection and have saved their changes:

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