How Do I Remove a Member from a Group?

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In some circumstances, you may wish to remove a member from one or multiple groups - to find out how to do this, follow the steps below:


Remove from Group


Step 1: To remove a member from a group, you first need to go into the member’s record.

Step 2: From here, hover over the ‘Member’ icon and select ‘Remove from group’.

Step 3: You will then see a pop-up box appear displaying the groups which you can remove the member from. Tick the groups you wish to remove the member from and click ‘Remove’.

Step 4: Another pop-up will then appear asking, ‘Remove contact from selected group(s)?’. Click ‘OK’ if you are happy to remove the member from the selected group(s).

Step 5: A final pop-up will then appear to confirm the contact has been removed from the group. Click ‘OK’.

Once you have followed these instructions you will have successfully removed the member from the group(s).

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